Each Level of TBI carries the following enrollment rates: USD$100 for Level 1 (there is also a 7 Day Free Trial available); USD$2500 for Level 2 (includes enrollment into Level 1 at no charge - saving $100); USD$2500 for Level 3. Full Enrollment into all Levels carries a tuition of USD$5000.

However during the "Pre-Launch Phase" (before the releases of Level 2 and Level 3 in June and July, respectively), Level 2 and Level 3 each carry an enrollment rate of USD$2300 (saving $200 each) with a Full Enrollment carrying a tuition rate of USD$4500 (saving $500).
Enrollment includes complete access to all lesson files in high-quality streaming video or downloadable audio format; skill-building exercises to train your eye and knowledge (coming soon); access to private Level-Exclusive Community Groups; a Resource Center with trading tools, files, templates, calculators and more (updated throughout the "Pre-Launch Phase"); real-time support through Live Conference Calls; private one-on-one Student Sessions (for Level 2 & Level 3); email support; a compensation rate of $250 for those referred by a student who enroll in Levels 2 or 3 (and a special higher rate upon Graduation); level-completion Certificates; Graduation Diploma sent by mail; and more.
To create unique and successful long-term traders/investors dependent on no one and nothing but themselves through a core understanding and development within the financial markets.

More importantly, to develop successful individuals in life through a Student’s core understanding and development personally - leading to life-transforming breakthroughs and the abundance of wealth extending far beyond mere riches.
Rather than teach others a strategy (such as a limited viewpoint to the market where traders have their actions and beliefs dictated by indicators and tools), prevalent methods (such as Technical and Fundamental Analysis) and concepts (such as fibonacci trading, "fundamentals"), the approach is not rehashed or repackaged information that leads the majority to failure in their market speculation endeavors.

Instead, The Breakthrough Approach is one that has withstood the market test of time through the ever-changing market environments over the years. And in doing so, has become more grounded and relevant to today's markets - uniquely based and molded from over 10 years of Eddie's experiences and successful navigation of several financial markets. Thus, the method is not based on other's ideas or interpretations of the markets, and is not available elsewhere (on or offline).

In truly understanding the market at a core level, this allows TBI Alumni to extend thier knowledge in having an edge in virtually all financial markets. Where they Become The Strategy.
(Beginning in July) Yes, Level 1 Alumni receive support in the form of live public monthly Conference Calls going over content from Level 1 as well as introducing special topics; answering commonly asked questions; and allowing Students to share their experiences with others. Level 2/3 Alumni receive support in the form of live private monthly Conference Calls recapping information presented in that Level through real-time interaction with attending Students; going over exercises sent in by Students from that Level's lessons; answering questions collectively asked by Alumni throughout that month; and more. Conference Calls are archived in order for students of that Level to view the recording (even if not able to personally attend the live calls) as well as being able to find answers/examples to common challenges/questions discussed in past Conference Calls.

Level 2 and Level 3 Alumni receive a 1-on-1 Private Student Session (per Level) to take place one month after completion of that Level.

Students are invited to Private Level-Exclusive Community Groups where they can ask/look for answers to commonly asked questions, dialogue and interact with other Students, share ideas and experiences, and more.

Private matters that Students may share with Eddie that are not within the scope to examine on Conference Calls with the public and other Students will be handled personally by email by Eddie where possible. However, Eddie cannot and will not provide specific advice, recommendations, solicitations or offers of any kind regarding the purchase/sale of any security or financial instrument, or to enter into a transaction involving any financial instrument. The Trading Breakthrough Institute is not a signaling or advisory service but an educational process for long-term wealth and independence.
From absolute beginners with zero experience in market speculation to seasoned traders with years of experience under their belt, TBI is exclusively meant for the committed individual invested into their life and trading development – no matter the background, gender, experience level or age.

The Breakthrough Approach is presented in a simple yet comprehensive manner, where it is not a requisite to be a mathematical prodigy, hold a high school or college degree, or previously know financial/economic/advanced knowledge in order to understand the information. Those with no background in the markets may potentially find it to be to their benefit, seeing how they do not then have the prevalent market dogmas and toxic mentalities instilled in them as so many do.

Most importantly, TBI is intended for those willing to undertake not only a long-term commitment to themselves in the market, but in every aspect of life.
TBI and the Breakthrough Process is made up of 3 Levels/Foundational Pillars: Awakening (Pillar 1), Reprogramming (Pillar 2) and Transformation (Pillar 3).

Alumni must go through each Level in numerical order. No matter if an Alumni Fully Enrolls into all 3 Levels at once, he/she cannot commence a later Level (such as Level 3) without first completing Level 1 and subsequently Level 2. This is due to the fact that each Level of the Breakthrough Process builds onto the next, with each individual Pillar serving a building block allowing the next Pillar to be properly put in place – collectively forming the Breakthrough Foundation.
There are over 66 video lessons totaling over 56 hours of content between all Levels. As in other Institutes of higher education, lessons may run between 45 minutes and 4 hours (typically running between 45 minutes and 2 hours). Alumni have the option to stream the video lessons in high-definition (1080p) or download the lessons in high-quality audio format.

In such a way, Students are encouraged to go at their own pace, in the manner that maximizes their understanding and retention of the information. Furthermore, Students are encouraged to recap and view the lessons more than once. Student feedback over the years have shown a higher comprehension rate for those who have viewed the material more than once. Many students have shared noticing and/or understanding new things/concepts that were present all along on their revising of the content (whether on their second or fifth viewing). As one’s experience grows, so does one's ability to recognize certain elements/concepts that require further experiences over a longer time frame in order for those elements/concepts to be fully appreciated and understood.

Throughout each Level, Alumni are presented with optional Exercises & Exams for maximum information comprehension and retention, building the skills learned from each lesson and testing the Student's grasp of the concepts at hand.
Each individual's circumstances vary greatly, allowing some to invest more or less hours into studying, going over and apply ing the information than others. This is compounded by the fact that people tend to learn and retain information at different speeds and to different degrees.

Where one Student may be able to invest an hour or two a day into the Breakthrough Process, and thus complete a Level or Graduate from TBI in 1 or 2 months, another Student committed full-time to the process may be able to do so in 1 week whereas another Student who may only be able to study over the weekend may do so in a longer period of time.

The process and time it takes to go through the lessons in a particular Level is one thing; however the Breakthrough Process in itself is not a race but a life-long endeavor and commitment of a Student. Student's are not in competition with other Students or anyone else, rather the objective is a true connection and understanding, and therefore application and performance, of all the elements presented from the first lesson in Level 1 til the very last lesson in Level 3.

Upon a Student's Graduation from TBI, the doors of continued life and market Breakthroughs "have just opened".
Whereas other services/individuals may profess guaranteed profits or whose business model revolves around keeping their clients dependent (on the opinions/signals of others, indicators, systems, robots, scanners, sales, signups, commissions and more), Eddie's aim has always been to develop independent traders and investors – able to trade any market, at any time, from anywhere in the world, dependent solely on themselves and their efforts for their long-term success.

In both market speculation and in life, and certainly in one's enrollment at TBI: each person is responsible for their own success.

The only guarantee in the market is that there is no guarantee, and thus TBI makes no sensational, guaranteed or unsusbstantiated claims of how much money you can or will make simply for the purpose of selling courses and services and/or building a following. That is entirely up to the efforts, investments and commitments of each individual.

Furthermore, TBI is not meant for those looking for a “get rich quick scheme”, those looking to “become rich” without putting in the necessary work that is required and/or those looking to simply copy the efforts/ideas of others and who feel this is or should be sufficient to be part of the elite 1% who are successful in life and market speculation.

Although no guarantees of any kind are made, Eddie is confident that by committing yourself to the Breakthrough Process and, more importantly, to Yourself - you have the genuine possibility and power to not only become rich, but Wealthy in the truest sense.
The Breakthrough Approach is not limited to one style, market or environment.

The Breakthrough Approach is not about teaching Alumni a strategy and thus the limitations that can from such an approach. Alumni are not shown to base themselves in the market on indicators or prevalent methods and concepts. But rather, to understand the market at a core level, and through that, have the power to understand and participate in trade opportunities of all kinds, at all times, in virtually all financial markets generally speculated on by retail investors - such as the foreign exchange (forex) currencies market, stocks and equity markets, futures markets, commodities, options, cryptocurrencies, and more.

Alumni learn to be prepared and adapt to any market environment, including the many times, days and sessions that many are taught to not trade (such as before/during/after major news reports, high impact financial and political events, holidays and bank holidays, Asian sessions, etc).

More immportantly, the Breakthrough Process naturally guides Alumni in developing their own unique trading style - where the knowledge can be tailored to each Student's style as they become more aware and comfortable throughout the long-term process. Thus, Student's are not limited to one trading style (such as only trading short, mid or long-term), but have the power to trade all kinds of market opportunities, a combination thereof and/or focus on strictly opportunities presented the highest probabilities of them all.
Each lesson throughout the Institute includes skill-building and action-encouraging Exercises for Students to work on, as well as Exams meant to evaluate and put to the test a Student's comprehension and retention of the information.

Although optional, every Student is encouraged to take the necessary time to complete these Exercises & Exams, as it is in their best interest and benefit that they do so in order that they test their knowledge and the information they are presented with. In doing so, Exercises and Exams provide Eddie with background as to a Student's progress, allowing him to provide specific and more tailored support where possible.
Yes, Alumni are issued a Certificate of completion for students who have fully completed a Level at TBI.

After their graduation, Graduates are sent by mail a custom-made diploma, including a handwritten note and special gift from Eddie.

Neither the Education, Certificates or Graduation Diplomas is meant to act as preparation to be a Licensed Broker or Investment Advisor in the financial industry nor does it provide certification or help in finding employment in any role in any area of business or education.
The Trading Breakthrough Institute was created with the intention of making the information and support available and accessible to everyone committed to the process. With hundreds of students enrolled at TBI, time constraints prevent Eddie from providing personal mentorship for each the Students at TBI.

Because of this, enrollment includes live monthly conference calls (beginning in July) allowing Eddie to provide support to a larger body of the Community in one live environment, answering as many questions as possible (given that students frequently ask the same questions, face the same issues and challenges, etc.) and recapping information that the collective body is showing could be enforced.

Additionally, Eddie will schedule a personal 1-on-1 session with each student one month after their completion of Level 2 and Level 3 (one per Level), as well as answer private matters shared with Eddie via email where possible. Students are encouraged to dialogue with other students in the private Community Groups for answers and solutions from those going through the same Level information.
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No. A one-time Enrollment into any Level ensures lifetime access as well as future updates to that specific Level (according to the Terms of Service).
Under special circumstnaces, prospective Students may request to receive a payment plan for enrollment into a Level(s). Contact Support explaining your situation and you will receive a reply typically within 48 hours with possible installment options for your particular case.
Because Eddie views Foundational Pillar/Level 1 as imperative “preparatory knowledge” for anyone interested in going down the path of market speculation (and especially those looking to continue the Breakthrough Process in Levels 2 and 3), and because Eddie knows that an investment in the thousands of dollars is out of reach for many around the world, Level 1 of TBI was created with the intention of being essentially free of charge for anyone truly interested and committed to their market understanding and life development.

Everyone has the possibility to sign up for a 7 Day Free Trial of Level 1. In such way, everyone has access to the first necessary step that is mandatory for all TBI Alumni to go through, and thus the opportunity to build within them what Eddie deems the "Foundation of the Foundation itself". Trial members can then choose to fully enroll into Level 1 to access all Content features.

Knowing that a part-or-full enrollment into TBI is not possible for many, a compensation link can be requested (by contacting Support or clicking the button found in the last Lesson of Level 1) where that individual will receive USD$250 for each person they refer to TBI who enrolls into Level 2 or Level 3.

Additionally, should the individual refer 5 people who enrolled into TBI, they will be given full enrollment into the next Level as a $2500 gift and compensation for their involvement at TBI.

In the near future, Eddie will award Scholarship Enrollments to those without the monetary investments to enroll but who demonstrate a true investment of committment and desire to be a part of TBI. By contacting support, you can also offer an Exchange of Services - enrollment into Level 2/3 for a reasonable exchange of a service you may provide whose quality and value is consistent with that of the Education at TBI.

By making these options available, Eddie's aim is to help those who may be limited in their options and resources. With how things presently are in many third world countries, a $250 compensation can mean an entire month's minimum wage a worker receives. And by compensating to this tune per referral, Eddie hopes to not only help with any enrollment costs (with the possibility of being awarded a $2500 Level enrollment as a gift), but potentially with any living costs, basic ulities, medicines and other needs for that individual, their family, and their surroundings.

In providing this prepatory knowledge and possibility to enroll into future Levels for those whose circumstances genuinely doesn't allow them the change to enroll, TBI is meant soley for those willing to invest into their future. Just as there is a substantial investment of time and money to learn a certain skill or obtain a degree in college or university, where many people pay or go into debt $100,000+ and spend 4-15 years of their life - in equal if not more measure, there is a substantial investment of time and money required to learn the MULTI-QUADRILLION a year financial markets.

A $2500 or $5000 investment at TBI could lead to life-changing breakthroughs and encompasses years of experiences, lessons, losses, mistakes and successes that Eddie personally had to experience in order to become acquainted with the knowledge that others can now receive in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the money.
Enrollment is guaranteed upon payment of a Student's enrollment. Subsequently, the Student must submit their signed Student Agreement. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the Education disclosed to the Student including website/platform access being granted, and in having made it absolutely clear in knowing exactly what is being received through and prior to a Student’s enrollment, the enrollment cost is non-refundable and all payments are final.
A compensation link can be requested by contacting Support or clicking the button found in the last Lesson of Level 1 where that individual will receive USD$250 for each person they refer to TBI who enrolls into Level 2 or Level 3 as a thank you from TBI.

Additionally, those who refer 5 Students will be further gifted full enrollment into the next Level in their Breakthrough Process as a $2500 gift.

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